maanantai 16. huhtikuuta 2018

If sports are too hot

It sometimes appears that people in tropics sometimes

copy sports skills from the cool or cold climates where

sports are well possible around the year. But in so

doing they mistakenly copy also teh heat production

instead of adapting the sport skills to warm climate.

People who move outdoors in a climate of four seasons

have two different things that they pay attention to

when moving: one is moving itself: bodily sensations

telling of which movement one is doing, of coordination

and way of moving, of it's motivation and seen

perceptions too: both coordination and a picture of the

environment and social perceotions of others. The other

one is heat production. That is partly a kkrrraaahhhh

like way of keeping the limbs and at the same time a

heat blower like phenomenom like a hair dryer but from

inside the body toward the more outer areas of the

body. At the same time it is attention in heat loss or

in summer time cooling: how the breeze goes near by the

body, how blood circulation spreads warmth from muscles

or cooling from the surface to the whole body. And how

muscle tension connected with the season of the year

and the day's temperature sets the average pace of life

and the average body heat production - in summer time

one needs relaxed, not kkkrrraaahhh-like, kind of like

melting to cool wind, like sliping from one cool tiny

pool to another by a small current or carried by the

gentle wind, way ofkeeping the body and moving.

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